Play card games with all NFTs.

Your NFTs will become TCG cards

NFT projects that are added to the whitelist will be playable in TCGVerse.The parameters of the card are determined randomly.

NFT Project


Earn- TCGC
Earn- TCGC

Play to Earn

Users can earn TCGCs by playing the game. A portion of the Play to Earn rewards will also be distributed to NFT creators who use the game to support their creators!

About "TCGC token" and Utility


TCGC is the governance token for TCGVerse and CryptoSpells. TCGVerse will conduct a governance vote when adding NFT projects to the whitelist.

Card Enhancements

TCGC will be used to enhance cards in TCGVerse.


2Q 2022
TCGVerse service launch

2Q 2022
TCGVerse beta launch Transfer of CryptoSpells governance voting to TCGC

3Q 2022
Launch TCGVerse whitelist addition project governance voting

4Q 2022
Introduction of NFT enhancements